Industrial Safety services your commercial kitchen hood suppression systems. Keeping your commercial kitchen running safely starts with maintaining your kitchen’s fire suppression system. While you hope you’ll never have a kitchen fire, you can have peace of mind knowing that your suppression system is up-to-date and would be able to quickly detect and suppress a cooking fire.

Commercial kitchens are busy spaces with a lot of grease and heat. Kitchen fires can happen at any time, so it is very important to keep your restaurant, employees, and patrons safe – so take this opportunity to schedule your kitchen fire suppression system maintenance today!

Industrial Safety Store provides a thorough inspection of your fire suppression system and will complete all the maintenance to assure your equipment is ready to use.

Servicing Commercial Kitchens within 50 miles of Clear Lake, WI.

Our team of service technicians are available to inspect your kitchen suppression equipment when it is convenient for you. We look forward to working with you. Call now for more information or to schedule your appointment.