FLIR VS290 Kits Datasheet

The kits come with everything one needs – Thermal Camera, Flexible Cable (attached to the imager), Solid/Rigid Wand (which the camera head is attached to), a Pelican Case, SD Card, Wrist Strap, Desktop Charger (wall plug in) and (2) Batteries.


The FLIR VS290 is a cost-effective search camera solution for around $5,000 MSRP, where as a search cam (other brands) have more features, they usually cost in the $25,000 + category, making it near impossible for everyday departments to afford one.  For $5,000, every department can afford one and have it available for all sorts of calls. The cat fell in the wall, ducks down the storm drain, handy for overhaul and wellness checks (instead of breaking down the door) and let’s not forget the police. Checking attic space for hiding perps, its much safer and stealthier sticking the camera into the attic, then sticking your head up there and getting shot at.

The FLIR VS290 is an industrial thermal and visual videoscope system designed to help professionals quickly and safely find hidden faults and dangers in difficult-to-access locations. Featuring a 160 × 120 true thermal imager and FLIR MSX® (VSC-IR32 and VSC-IR33 probes), VS290 videoscopes give users the power to see and measure invisible hot spots before catastrophic equipment failures can occur. The small, sleek tips allow for easy inspection through tight or confined openings, improving productivity and reducing diagnostic time. The 2-meter side-viewing probe options are CAT IV 600V safety rated—perfect for underground electrical vault inspections. The 1-meter forward-viewing probe is a practical fit for general purpose equipment and building thermal scans. All are versatile tools for the most demanding environments in utility, manufacturing, and building maintenance applications.

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VS290-21, VS290-32, VS290-33


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