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The Great Wall of Rescue was designed to adapt to a multitude of grain entrapment rescue scenarios. The lightweight wall sections are easily maneuvered and can be aligned to form a wall, a tube, or other irregular shapes depending on the rescue situation and the number of panels available. Anodized ball-and-socket joints ensure smooth panel connection, and the joint was specially designed to have some range of movement, adding to the variability in shape.

Made of lightweight aluminum, rescuers can easily lift a panel up and join with another. Each panel weighs 20 lbs and is 16 wide x 5 inch long. The sleek finish allows the panels to slide easily into the grain. Anodized ball/socket joints promote smooth and easy panel connection and are resistant to jamming. The ball/socket joint was specifically designed so that the panels have some range of movement, adding variability to the possible shapes. The bends in the panels along with hinge that runs the entire length of the panel gives the panel added strength and will not cave in on the victim. When the panels are inserted into the grain mass, the grain is removed from around the victim to relieve pressure.

We provide accessories to aid in rescue. Platforms are provided for a sturdy base for rescuers. The insertion step allows a rescuer to use his own body weight to push sections into the grain, as opposed to hammering. The step also can be used to assist victims in climbing out of the grain as they are able. The removal pipe can be used as a support handle for the victim, or to remove the panels after the rescue is completed. The carrying case can store up to 8 panels and has interior straps to bind all accessories

Product Manual

  • Basic Package includes: 6 wall panels, 1 Step, 1 Pipe, 4 Rescue Platforms, 1 Case
  • Supreme Package includes: 8 wall panels, 1 Step, 1 Pipe, 4 Rescue Platforms, 1 Case
  • Optional Rescue Auger can be purchased to help speed the removal of grain from inside the rescue tube
  • The 3 Rescue Auger is compatible with any grain rescue tube and is powered by any 1/2 cordless drill
  • A flow rate of 1.5 bushels per minute.

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