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The Hot Shield Model HS-2 Wildland Firefighter Face Mask is a patented (U.S. Patents 5,628,308 and 5,823,188) highly flame resistant face protector designed by firefighters for use in all wildland firefighting operations. The HS-2 offers the extreme protection against burns to the face/neck with the added benefit of blocking and reducing the inhalation of smoke & ash particulate. Multiple layers of patented CarbonX help maintain the crucial airspace firefighters want and human skin needs to survive extreme temperatures. The soft comfortable inside liners (also CarbonX) absorb perspiration, adding to user comfort.

No other mask on the market can make these claims!

Twin layers of CarbonX mesh at the center ventilation orifice allow for easy air exchange and help prevent buildup of CO2. The patented, user-friendly design allows the firefighter to insert an activated carbon disposable particulate filter with exhalation valve.

CarbonX is the only inherently non-flammable fabric in the world. This fabric weave will not burn, ignite, char shrink or decompose at temperatures of up to and exceeding 2000 degrees Farenheit, even for extended periods of time. (See CarbonX FAQ for more info on this revolutionary fabric).

Each HS-2 is packaged with 2 filters


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