Stealth Personal Rescue System Kit w/ Bag and Lanyard


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There’s a reason we call it the Stealth Fire Escape System. It’s ultra-lightweight and low-profile, which means it stays out of the way until you absolutely need it. The system includes brand-new components that were designed to work seamlessly together. The redesigned anchor hook is the lightest NFPA escape hook available. The Technora® rope is more packable than other escape lines, making it easier to stow.

The new Stealth descender has a built-in governor to limit the descent speed in the event of a panicked pull of the lever. The rounded edges prevent snagging on a sill or other obstructions and the descender offers easy horizontal payout. The envelope-style bag is ambidextrous so you can use it in either your right or left pocket. The entire system is UL Certified to NFPA 2500 as a Fire Escape System.

System Contents:

  • Stealth Escape Hook with pull tab
  • Stealth Descent device
  • 50’ 6mm StealthTech Escape Rope
  • Autolock carabiner
  • Tech extension lanyard
  • Stealth Pocket Bag


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