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We work hard to do service work and preventative maintenance on all of the products we sell.

Our Services

From the start of Industrial Safety Inc., we have always wanted our customers to know that we work hard to do service work and preventative maintenance on all of the products we sell. We did not want to hear the fire departments say, “We didn’t have anyone who would service our equipment.” This is unacceptable in our eyes. From the beginning, we have been striving to provide peace of mind for fire departments in northwest Wisconsin.

Our services include, but are not limited, to the following:
  • Performing annual flow testing of SCBAs and other related maintenance
  • Performing annual extrication equipment maintenance
  • Performing annual fire extinguisher inspection, maintenance and recharging
  • Repairing and upgrading nozzles
  • Recoupling of worn or damaged hoses
  • Setting up hose reals
  • Installing thermal imaging cameras
  • Mobile Fire Extinguisher Service
  • Kitchen Fire Suppression Service
Mobile Posi-Check Testing (Flow Testing)

NFPA standard 1901 2007 edition states, all open circuit self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) shall be tested annually by a manufacturer certified testing facility. Industrial Safety Inc. is the AVON-ISI certified testing and service center for the state of Wisconsin. Our testing unit is mobile in the form of a sixteen foot long enclosed trailer. Generally, all that the department has to provide is electricity for us to plug into and a fire department representative to aid us in removal and re-installation of the SCBAs on the apparatus. If the weather is below sixty degrees Fahrenheit, we would request to pull our trailer into one of the bays in your fire department. The approximate time it takes to test each pack depends upon how long it has been since it has been tested and the amount of use it sees annually.  Typically, it takes between twenty and thirty minutes for a complete SCBA test (pack and mask) and about ten minutes for an individual mask test. Two sets of results are printed for each test performed; we keep one set for our files and you are sent the other set for your files.

Mobile Extrication Tool Service
The warranty on our Genesis brand extrication tools states that the lack of periodic and necessary maintenance will void the manufacturer’s warranty. It is a fact, tools in the fire and rescue service are treated to very harsh and unforgiving conditions. Having your extrication tools serviced annually gives you piece of mind in knowing every time you need your tools in an emergency, they will perform as well as the day that you purchased them.
Kitchen Supression



Mobile Fire Extinguisher Service

NFPA standard 10 2007 edition states, all fire extinguishers in service at a place of employment must be annually inspected by a certified technician. In addition, every six years the extinguishers must be internally inspected and every twelve years they must be hydro-tested. Industrial Safety Inc. is one of northwest Wisconsin’s largest mobile fire extinguisher service providers. Our mobile service unit, is in the form of a twenty foot long enclosed trailer. Our service trailer is equipped with an NFPA approved, filtered, dual hopper system, and all of the tools to do this service onsite. We also have the ability to hydro-test at your location with our mobile hydro-test unit. Generally, all that you would need to provide would be electricity to run our air compressor and lights. We will go through your facility and collect the extinguishers or, if you choose, you can bring them to our trailer at your location.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

I started my fire extinguisher business in January of 2004. Industrial Safety has supplied me with the products and equipment that are an essential part of my service. The staff is always very friendly and willing to help me with any problems. The products are of great quality, and when I need something right away, they order it and bring it to me in a timely manner.” “I am also the Chief of the Chetek Fire Department. I have worked with Mike Jarchow to supply our department with dependable products for the past 15 years. Industrial Safety is our number one supplier of Fire Safety equipment.”
Joe Atwood

Chief Chetek Fire Department Owner, Chief Fire Extinguisher Service Chetek, WI

“I’ve been buying fire equipment from Industrial Safety for quite a number of years. The staff and owner at Industrial Safety have always been helpful and extremely pleasant to work with. The equipment that Industrial Safety sells is always of high quality with the company standing behind their products. I have never been ‘put on hold’ and have always been treated like a close friend. Being very frugal with the taxpayers money, I have found that Industrial Safety has consistently given the best price on name brand products.”
James VanderWyst

Chief, New Richmond Fire Department, New Richmond, WI

“Having been a customer of Industrial Safety since they started in the industry, we know that when you need quality equipment in the fire and rescue service you can look to Mike and his staff to assist you with obtaining all of the information you need, and the customer support related to what they sell. I would recommend with confidence that Industrial Safety will provide the sales and service needs to anyone in the fire service.”
T.J. Buhr

Chief, Clear Lake Fire-Rescue, Clear Lake, WI

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