Stat-X First Responder Aerosol Fire Supression



  • Offers significant fire “knockdown” and rapid suppression capabilities for enclosed spaces
  • Zero ozone depletion, zero atmospheric life, and insignificant global warming potential
  • EPA Snap Listed for unoccupied and normally occupied spaces
  • Safe for fire fighters and any occupants trapped by fire
  • No oxygen depletion — suppresses at low concentrations by interference with free radicals
  • Provides a reliable, cost effective fire protection tool for a wide range of fire scenarios
  • Small, compact, and easily portable to point of attack
  • Made in the USA
  • Stat-X-First-Responder-Brochure
  • Safety Data Sheet
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Safety Data Sheet

The small size of the Stat-X First Responder makes it easily portable.

In the event of a fire, Stat-X First Responder units are activated by removing the safety clip and pulling the ring pin. The unit can then be thrown near the fire, where it will actuate following a five (5) second time delay.

Upon activation, the Stat-X First Responder produces an exceptionally effective, ultra-fine, potassium based aerosol that provides extremely fast knockdown and rapid suppression of fires.

On an agent weight basis, Stat-X aerosol is significantly more effective than other agent alternatives. It does not reduce the oxygen levels. Fire suppression is achieved through interference between the ultra-fine aerosol particulate and the flame’s free radicals — terminating propagation of the fire.

The agent will hang in suspension after delivery providing ongoing suppression capabilities.


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